Have high octane dreams?


Imagine cruising down the avenue, windows rolled down, elbow perched atop the door. The rumble of the exhaust note is music to your ears.

There's the thumbs-up, the rubbernecking by fellow motorists straining for a better look at your classic ride. You punch the go-fast pedal and immediately experience the exhilaration of acceleration. Life is good. After all, you're a 'car guy or gal'.

Perhaps you already have a nice classic in need of some performance upgrades... Or a project you started in your garage but then got in over your head... Or maybe you're starting entirely from scratch with only a vision in mind. At John Austin Motorworks we're prepared to tear it down, fix what's wrong, and then bring your classic ride back to life - even better than before - with style and performance at its core. Faster, safer, cooler. Always cooler...

Building restomods, rods, and customs is what we do. We get our hands dirty so you don't have to.

Carb throat
Blower Case
440 lifter valley and cam

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Builds & Upgrades

Restomods - Blown Big Block Plymouth Duster

Whether we're building from scratch or upgrading an existing ride, every successful project begins with a plan. We'll work with you to help realize your dream and do it in a way that fits your budget.


Welding and Fabrication - Austin - Restomods

While our builds usually entail fabrication, if you're a gearhead in need of some custom fabrication for your own project, we're here to help. We also work with industry partners to bring your vision to life.

General Repair

727 Transmission Rebuild

If you have a ride, new or old, that's just in need of a little love and attention, well, we can help with that too. For general repair and maintenance needs, give us a call.


What can we



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